Bholanath Rod style linear actuator motor video

Rotary Indexing System 45°, 90°, 150° and 270° Rotation

Bholanath X-Slide(Ball Screw & Lead Screw)

Bholanath Stepper Drive Controller BH-SDC-01N Part 01

Bholanath Stepper Drive Controller BH-SDC-01N Part 02

Bholanath Stepper Motor Controller BH SDC 01 N Part 03

Flame Proof, High temperature and EMC & CE marked stepper motors

Bholanath Drilling machine Automation

Bholanath X-Y Slides

Bholanath Gantry Robot

Spring Testing Machine

Indexing system with control panel

Application of linear actuator stepper motor

Bholanath X Z Table application Video

Bholanath Captive & Non Captive Linear Actuator Stepper Motor

Bholanath IP 68 Stepper Motor

Bholanath Planetary Gear Stepper Motor

Bholanath Helical Worm Gear Stepper Motor

Indexing Systems (BH-RIS-01)

Indexing Systems (BH-RIS-02)

Bholanath X Y Table

Bholanath IP 65 Stepper Motor

Factory Video