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2.6 kg cm SUB ZERO BIPOLAR STEPPER MOTOR (0.4 Amp Motor)

Bholanath SZ ( Sub Zero ) motors are designed to withstand very cold temperatures up to -40 deg Celsius & -40 deg Fahrenheit -40 °C and -40 °F (minus 40 ).The motors are specifically made so that in freezing temperatures stepper motors will work exactly as per controller commands. High Torque Hybrid, BH42 SH 50 - 0404 A- SZ , NEMA 17(42 mm) Frame size, Bipolar (4 leads), Holding Torque 2.6 kgcm (0.26 Nm), Current per phase 0.4 Amp, Motor length 50 mm, 300mm Wire Length, Operating Voltage 12 - 24 VDC. For complete details please view Technical Specifications.

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BH42SH50-0404A-SZ(Product code - 2402)
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Download Technical Specification Sheet of BH42 SH 50 - 0404 A- SUB ZERO BIPOLAR 2.6 kg cm (0.26 Nm).
More Information
Holding Torque (Kgcm) 2.6
Holding Torque (Nm) 0.26
Operating Voltage 12-24
Current/ Phase 0.4
Resistance/ Phase 30
Inductance/ Phase 22
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